Success Factors

Mortgage Vintage Principles

  • If you would lend, we would lend
  • We personally or our representative examines each property
  • We evaluate loan to value ratios, exit strategies and ability to pay
  • We carefully screen borrowers
  • Thorough and streamlined processing and due diligence
  • We would rather turn down a loan than have a foreclosure
  • Dedicated to paying the highest yield possible with the lowest risk
  • Preservation of Capital is paramount
  • Provide Full transparency throughout the origination, processing, funding, servicing and payoff of the loan
  • We get as close to the borrower and investor as possible to minimize transaction costs
  • We strive to reduce costs for the investor while maintaining the highest standards of service and professionalism

Keep It Simple

At Mortgage Vintage we use our background in technology, software, and process engineering to keep things simple. Life and transactions get complicated enough. We don’t need to add complexity.

We need to know a few simple facts about 3 things:

  1. The Property
    • Address
    • Purchase Price
    • Date Purchased
    • Today’s Price
  2. The People (borrowing the money)
    • Who are they
    • Why are they borrowing?
    • How will they make the monthly payments?
    • How do they plan to repay the loan?
  3. The Loan
    • How much did they own?
    • What is today’s balance?
    • Tomorrows balance, how much do they want to borrow?