There are several reasons why Borrowers welcome the opportunity to work with Mortgage Vintage, Inc. for their real estate finance needs. Below are some of the scenarios and reasons why borrowers need one of our Private Money Loans:

  • A desire for fast funding of a real estate transaction – 3-7 day funding
  • A desire for fast loan approvals – we deliver in 24 hours or less
  • Self employed individuals
  • Property condition disqualifies conventional financing sources
  • We do not require Income Verification – No Tax Returns needed
  • Property type – we will consider most property types
  • Life event including loss of job, divorce, death in the family and other events
  • Debt-to-Income Ratios (DTI)
  • Short term loan desired – we can structure loans from 6 months to 5-years
  • Credit Impaired from Foreclosure, Short Sale or Major Life Event
  • Equity driven underwriting principles
  • Low FICO scores

Simply stated, many times a conventional loan is not possible or feasible. In these cases where government backed loans are not available, Mortgage Vintage, Inc. may be able to help.

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