Se Habla Español

When I left to go work for CB Comercial de Mexico in Mexico City in the 90’s, I had no idea that Spanish would be invaluable as a hard money lender.  Like most other kids, I learned Spanish in school but my real learning and understanding of Spanish and the Hispanic culture came from my immersion into the Capital City of Mexico.  I read the local “Reforma” newspaper, listened to … Continue reading

Hard Money Loans & Trust Deed Investments – Test, Measure, Iterate

As CrowdTrustDeed enters its 4th year, I want to thank you for your continued support. When Mortgage Vintage founded and established CrowdTrustDeed on January 1, 2015, our vision was to use technology and data to help our borrowers and brokers receive a more streamlined origination process that provided more surety of funding while facilitating better Trust Deed investment decisions by our lenders and investors. That vision is now reality and strengthens … Continue reading

Hard Money Lending’s Human Element

After graduating from UCLA Allen purchased his dream lot in Malibu in 1984. He purchased a used Motor Home that first paraded to a UCLA vs. Cal football game in Northern California filled with delirious sorority and fraternity members, but then became his temporary home on the vacant land. Allen worked for the prestigious J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency during the day and toiled on weekends building his dream home … Continue reading

Make Your Dream Come True

More than 14 million U.S. properties were “equity rich” – meaning loans secured by the property were 50 percent or less of market value in 2Q 2017, reported Attom Data Solutions, Irvine, Ca.  These equity rich have increased in total numbers by over 1.6 million homes in the last year and now represent over 24.6 percent of U.S. properties, which is up from 22.10% in 2Q, 2016.   “An increasing number … Continue reading

“Fintegration” – 5 Fin Tech Influences on Hard Money Lending

Financial Technology (FinTech) companies change the hard money landscape every day.  These new FinTech firms like Realty Mogul, Patch of Land, Fundrise, Peer Street, Lending Home and others exploit the Internet’s connectivity, computing power, band width and electronic communication patterns to create new markets like peer to peer lending and enhance legacy business’ including Hard Money.  Today’s Blog explores 5 Fin Tech elements that have infiltrated the hard money lending … Continue reading

Hard Money Loans Solve Real Problems

In a recent top-rated business Podcast, Tony Robbins stated that “The Best Business’ Solve Real Problems.” Besides being simplistic, direct, transparent, and fast, Hard Money Loans and Trust Deed Investments solve real issues that finance seeking professionals encounter. This month’s Blog analyzes the problems facing Orange County and other Southern California Mortgage Brokers, Business Owners, Self Employed and Real Estate Investor borrowers seeking financing and the solutions provided by a … Continue reading

Why Hard Money Loan Rates are Dropping

Hard Money loan rates have dropped 50 to 150 basis points over the past 18 months, depending on the market and type of property.   This market trend provides more favorable rates for borrowers and reduced yields to Hard Money Lenders.  Hard Money Loans, and in some instances called bridge loans, typically involve borrowers or situations that may not qualify for conventional (bank) financing.  Additionally, these short-term, 1-5 year loans are … Continue reading

5 Selection Criteria for Any Hard Money Loan

Every year, NFL executives, scouts, coaches, and analysts fly to college football games, scour videos, and scrutinize statistical reports about potential draft selections.  The NFL conducts the Combine where NFL prospects try out in front of representatives from the 32 NFL teams.  Production, Height-Weight-Speed, Durability, and Intangibles are all weighed and analyzed.  The number crunching and analysis culminates at the NFL Draft where these NFL Owners choose the best and … Continue reading

5 Changing Elements in Fix-and-Flip Loans

Change and upheaval constitute Fix-and-Flip finance today.   FinTech (High-Tech Lenders) companies, Wall Street and others have entered the Fix-and-Flip lending arena with an avalanche of capital.  This new capital benefits borrowers with lower rates but is creating havoc with traditional lenders who are scrambling to keep up. Increasing amounts of Fix-and-Flip loans as seen in the chart above benefit communities and are proven way for real estate investors to gain … Continue reading

Keeping your Eye on the Ball

During the successful 2016 8 Year Old Little League season, our coaches kept reiterating to “Keep Your Eye On the Ball”.   Whether catching a fly ball, fielding a grounder or trying to hit a fastball, the message was the same to our CrowdTrustDeed Kids;  Watch the ball. Similarly, I tried to apply focus to Mortgage Vintage and CrowdTrustDeed’s Hard Money Lending and Trust Deed Investment business’ in 2016.  Like a … Continue reading